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Drew Mueller


Drew Mueller is a recent elect to the Board of Directors joining FHL in September 2017. He and his wife Wendy have been married for 22 years and have three children Katie 16, Benjamin 13 and Michael 9. Drew and his family have attended the Indy Vineyard Community Church in Castleton for 14 years. He is currently serving as the Director for the Indy Vineyard’s start up Missional Food Pantry, which launched in August 2017. Drew is currently a District Manager for the financial company PLS and has three locations in the heart of Indianapolis. Previously he has been a multi-unit manager for BWW, Crocs, and Hollywood Video. Drew is also has a passion for sports, and has been coaching wrestling at Mt. Vernon Middle School for 6 years now. Drew’s main passion is for growth and development – especially helping companies and individuals achieve their goals and objectives through believing in these four Core principles – Care, Trust, Respect, and Love.

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