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Food pantry is not about food; it’s about people.

Yes, you read it right; it’s not about food.

Food is a means to relationships

Once, there was a river called hunger

The crazy thing about this river is that the same people are falling in it over and over again only to be rescued by the same people. One day, a person went to the place where people are falling. He found out that there were several factors that contribute to this phenomenon. To his surprise, he discovered that the people who help those who fall in the river contribute to the cyclical problem!

Now, that I got your attention, you’ll have to watch the full brief story of the River of Hunger.

Many of us want “sequel” to the movie we loved. Well, I have created a sequel called Unveiling Transformation. Here’s the gist of it – the river called hunger became a mirror of what’s happening in a city but when the resident found out about missional living, they transformed their city! Watch!

If you watch the 2 stories, you may have changed your perspective about food pantry, and, I hope you do.

“The future of food pantry does not depend on food… but on people.”

It’s not about food!

In the next few weeks, we will be sharing more about an innovative approach to alleviating hunger beyond food. You will learn more that food is not the answer to hunger, although we need food but more importantly is relationships with God and with others.

God bless you!

Merlin Gonzales


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