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If food pantries is about people, why do we spend so much resources in minor things?

Food pantries are not meant to focus on food...

Food Pantries are gateways to the neighborhoods to help those in need become more self-sustained.

People are the focus - both volunteers and the recipients.

A decade and a half ago, Faith Hope and Love Community received many criticisms from the public.

Then, the pandemic hit our neighborhoods.

More and more food pantries are now looking for more ways to help people beyond food.

The 72nd #FHLTableTalk will be about "Turning food pantries into Mission Hubs." Since over 70% of food pantries are housed in churches, why not expand their mission - in the process of giving away food, consider finding more ways how to help the food insecure population in more meaningful ways and for the greater good of the community?

I would like to thank you for your continued prayers and support in redefining the greater role of a food pantry in our communities. I hope you could join us tomorrow for the 72nd FHL Table Talk from 11 am to noon via the FHL FaceBook or FHL YouTube Channel.

Our Guest Speaker is Lydia Davis, Food Pantry Director for You Feed them Missional Food Pantry and Todd Melloh, Founder of Beyond this. Both of them will bring greater truth about food pantries and about helping people in a deeper way.

PS. Thank you also for considering giving financial contributions today in the process of redefining the greater role of food pantries.

God bless,


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