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Real Food for Real Hunger

Part 2 – The Mistaken Search

There was a man who lost his key. After an hour looking for it, his friend came and asked him “What’s the matter?” He said he has been looking for his lost key! “Where did you lose it?”, the friend asked.

I lost it outside the garage“, the man answered. “Why are you looking for it here in the house?“, the flustered friend asked. The man answered, “There’s light in here and it is dark out there!

It’s insane, as all of us may say. However, we are guilty of the same in many ways. We look for answers in the wrong places and, we look for the wrong answers.

In John 6:22-27, the disciples asked Jesus a logical question – “How did you get to the other side of the lake?”

But Jesus did not answer their question; He exposed their motives – they were following Him not because of miracles anymore but because their bellies were empty. Jesus wants them to follow Him not for groceries but for the “eternal food”.

Do not labor for FOOD that SPOILS…

  • At #FHLIndy MFP, we serve people, not food

    • We spend more time in training

    • We spend more time in follow ups

  • Is. 55:2

    • Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and you will delight in the richest of fare.

Only Jesus can satisfy our hunger

Hunger for truth – in Him is the truth of God

Hunger for love – in him alone is love that outlast life and death

Hunger for life – in Him alone is life more abundant

Christ alone can satisfy our Physical and Spiritual hunger

There are times, at food pantries when people are looking for food but what they really need is the food that only Christ can satisfy.

People are looking for more than food. Sometimes, they are searching for the wrong answer in the wrong places. Everyday, we have the opportunity to reach out to those who are in the path to mistaken search.

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